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Preschool in Redlands, CA | Ahrens Child Care Center

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Full Day Preschool and Kindergarten

A Message From the Ahrens


It was over 30 years ago that we opened our doors to the first four children enrolled. We were fortunate that our enrollment steadily increased to capacity and now we look back with fondness to the hundreds of children we have cared for and families we have known. Local families with established careers in Redlands as teachers, firefighters, police, medical and business personnel. We also have cared for children of students and families who commute everyday from surrounding communities. A vast connection that includes cousins, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and friends of friends. As time has moved forward we now have cared for several children of former students and have even hired former students as pre-school teachers. Truly a history of fond memories and friendships; many that have continued to endure.  


A good pre-school joins the home in providing the best possible preparation for the rest of life. Home and school should work together for better understanding of each child's needs, and to guide them in learning how to live with themselves-- learning about the world around them and their place in it.


Thank you for your interest,                WE FOLLOW THE COVID 19 SAFETY CHECKLIST OUTLINED FOR SCHOOLS BY THE CDC 

John and Kay Ahrens.                          FOUND AT( DETAILS ARE READILY AVAILABLE ON SITE FOR REVIEW

                                                                 WE ARE DILIGENT IN FOLLOWING THE SAFETY MEASURES RECOMMENDED  



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